Saturday, March 29, 2008
so i finally got water baptised,
with my dad's consent. yea.
after working so hard,
at least i got what i wanted. (:
praise God!

yan qing and I(:

after baptism!(:

a gift from mommy! ((:

thanks guys for being there..(:

fiona and I!

@ 9:29 PM

Sunday, March 23, 2008
i couldnt watch dearling's last performance,
cause i had APS in the afternoon..
so dearling fetched me after APS,
and he gave me a surprise.
this is the second time that he gave me flowers..(:

@ 1:46 AM

Saturday, March 22, 2008
so bestie and i havent met up for a long time,
like a month or so.
for the pass 5 years we celebrate easter day in school,
but this year was different.
usually we got stuff for each other every year,
but everyone was busy this time.
so after service on sat,
we went to raffles city.
after buying our dinner,
we went in to market place for 15mins on seperate ways,
to buy stuff for one another.(:
thanks for being there for me that night,
im so glad that despit our busy schduele we still met up and celebrate occasions together.

cocoa tree!!

dearling was late, and he wanted dessert so that was it!(;

bay met up with us later..

@ 12:27 AM

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
wanna read more about the power of the mind?!
dearling just type a post about it.
its like his assignment that he has to do. yep.
so if you have the time,
do take some time to read it. (:


@ 2:07 AM

i just read your blog.
you made me all worried for you.
so sorry, i havent been able to log on to skype these days.
i havent spoke to you for so long.
you took away your tag board too,
so i guess this is the only way right now,
that i could communicate with you.
i miss you soo much!!
i dont know how i could cheer you up,
or even say something to make you feel better.
when i spoke to you,
i thought you settled down well,
and all was good,
despite the misses..
but life seems so unreal for you.
i dont know in what ways i could do to help up with your parents,
like joy and i always used to do.
right now,
its all so different.
maybe, you did bring it across to them that you really wanna come back to visit them,
and not so much of us.
so probably they could be a little more lenient.
then once you're back,
we could all re-visit 7 rivervale link?. ((:
take good care of yourself okay?!
i love you lots always!

@ 1:51 AM

i've finally understood what its like to sacrifice.
well, dictionary.com defines sacrifice as,
something so relinquished.
just few nights ago,
i experienced a painful sacrifice,
but it was all worth it,
i allowed him to go ahead with his counselling stuff willing,
sacrificing the time we suppose to spent together.
the fact that both our schedules are so packed right now,
every minute truly matters a lot.
but i knew that,
helping others,
changing lives,
was what he really wanted,
so although i was so so so sad,
because i was so so sick,
i just felt like dying,
he didnt even ask how i was doing,
yet he was more concern if i was going to give him morning call,
and if i was going to fetch him after school.
so i just cried a sleep.
probably he was just too absorbed in doing what he needs to do.
although it was something i was willing to let him do,
that really enlarge my capacity to be understanding in situations,
at times things just doesnt turn out the way you want it to be.

@ 1:35 AM

Monday, March 17, 2008
feel? flow?
whats that?
i really dont know anymore!!
you have been telling me about it,
since we got 1st december.
until now,
at this point of time im so confused i really have no idea what its all about.
you always tell me that you feel,
and that you know it,
you know whats happening in your heart,
what i felt in my heart,
do you really know it?
its so tough!!
i dont knoww!!!!!!!!
wiill you just keep quiet!
i really dont know what you're talking about anymore.
you say this, you say that.
how am i suppore to know?
you exopect me to flow again to feel again?
i want to pray with you too,
its always the singing that makes us quarrell.
you know i have never sang since i graduated form primary school?!
its only till now,
that i really want to seek God with you,
that i join you in praise and worship!
i hate singing!
i cant sing!
i dont know how!
when i do,
you criticize me?
when i try to praise God with you,
i cant evenm follow the beat,
i try really hard to accomodate you,
i try! i rrea;;y tried!
do you know?
these few months,
i have been trying..

@ 3:18 PM

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
so like my rash is really bad,
and i went to see a skin specialist at national skin centre.
they called is blisters and not rash,
so i was able to see the doc even without an appointment.
like really bad condition that means.
it was like super expensive to see a doctor there.
sorry mom.
i felt super bad about it,
that my mom had to spent so much on me.
mommy said i was a little princess,
cause cheap doctors dont work for me.
so since young i guess my parents spents quite a bit on medication for me.
applying the medicine is really really awful,
not because its painful,
but its really testing my patience!
i got to it takes me more then an hour to apply everything,
and i still got to let it dry,
so i could barely move for approximately 2 hours!
and i have to do this twice a day.
i just wanna get well really soon,
so i can go back to swimming.
i really miss swimming!!!

i've been rotting at home like majority of the time.
-bestie working 24/7
-baby busy with school and drama.

@ 11:36 PM


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