Monday, July 31, 2006
Am I just sensitive? Or
Am I just paranoid?
It made me feel sad..
My heart practically sank!

@ 11:45 PM

Sunday, July 30, 2006
it been a long time,
was lazy to blog,
cause i was practically studying every single day,
hardly have any time to do any other things.
basically,i was just at macs everyday after school.
my phone is screwed,
so im currently phone-less,
and its been 1 week alr!!
joy... dear joy..
you have to remember to bring ok?=)
prelims are nearing!!!
stress!!!! *screams*
i feel soo different now,
after deliverance. =)
i've became a happier girl.
hahah!! went for towey's tuition today,
then went for service with joy!=)
deliverance was sooo scary!!
i kept telling joy i was scared.
anyway, bay and i went down together.
felt super weak after that,
but it was great!! (other then the feeling weak part)
hahaha.. !!! :D
im God's little child!
something really bad happened,
and i feel really bad.
it goes like this,
i was suppose to meet man man,
but because my phone was screwed,
i couldnt contact her.
in the end,
she went to study alone at waffle town.
i've been feeling bad the whole day!
what to do man..

@ 2:29 AM

Saturday, July 29, 2006

MERLION!! -i love! nice right?! heh.

@ 10:55 AM

my 1st sunflower from darl!! <3 I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!

@ 10:55 AM

racial harmony day! darl.rah and i =)

@ 10:53 AM

Monday, July 17, 2006
its my first,and i shall make it the last too.
i was lazy to blog, but i think i should blog about this.
it happened on satutrday night/sunday morning.
i went to visit mr merlion on sat night,
didnt feel like going home,
so sat there for a long time,
till it was about 11.55 and then i left.
went to the bus stop,
saw that the last bus was appoximately 0024.
so i waited patiently,
till is was about 0020,
then i decided not to wait anymore,
cause i wanted to reach home soon,
so mom wouldnt get worried.
i hailed for a cab.
i cheated the uncle,
i got a free ride home.
im sorry,
i didnt mean to.
i wanted to sent the money to comfort,
but he said nevermind.
but it made me feel bad...

@ 8:05 AM

Friday, July 14, 2006
im home so early today.haha!
i was super tired today.
sidd and i practically slept throughout the whole math lesson,
cause mr soh gave us papers and left,
so there wasnt any teacher at all.
guess because it was just a small class.
brought darl to farrer clinic.
the doctor was lousy,
and mrs seet claims that he is good.lol
went to eat at some place later.
haha! this china lady kept calling this discount "card" a card,
which it wasnt even a card.
it was just a paper="card".
went for mrs towey tuition after that,
but it was postpone in the end.
her memory is failing,
so is mine.
she got mixed up,
and practically forgot.
sigh. so went home after that.
going out with mommy later. shopping!! :D
-i love!!! :)
off to shower now,
or i'll be late to meet mom. heh.

@ 5:22 PM

RAH AND I [twinnies] heh. dont forget about what we talked about yeah?! haha.. im trying it out now.so i can do it on ours then. :DD

@ 9:00 AM

me.jiaman.rah!! :D

@ 8:59 AM

JOY AND I [bestiesjv] love! :)

@ 8:58 AM

JJAVSS'D!! - i love! :D wanted to photoshop it but i dont know how. =(

@ 8:56 AM

DARL AND I AGAIN! love you dear! heh. kiddo penguin!

@ 8:55 AM

DARL AND I [i love her!!] :

@ 8:52 AM

DARL AND I [she loves me!] :D

@ 8:52 AM

Thursday, July 13, 2006
its been a long time.
have been thinking about lots of stuff.
i miss those happy days.
life has been miserable lately.
wanted to blog during the weekends,
but because of my mood,
i didnt feel like it.
blog about my life?
i dont know how.
today, was the 3rd time mr lee took my ss script to show the class.
oh well...
it doesnt make much of a diff sitting in front or at the back.
he still checks on me. )=
went to raffles city today.
i had fun,
it was relaxing.
went back to check my eyesight today,
after assembly,
cause i forgot to bring my specs yesterday,
for the health check up.
my left eye has a perfect eyesight,
but not my right eye.
its about 300-400.
its that bad!! ahhh...
its so crappy.
i wish i never knew about this. )=
yesterday, after school,
went to study at serene with darl and mat.
i received my 1st sunflower!!!!! :D
i bought 2 roses for darl then. haha.
it was just for fun!! lol.
anyway, went to meet isa,nick,bry,hendy and sarah
at city hall.
we were walking around suntec.
memories came flashing back. )=
the feeling was horrible.
isa said something to me,
which she shouldnt have said that,
but i guess she didnt know thats why.
(the fountain of wealth)-i miss.
its alright.
i went home,
dad was fuming,
cause of sis, coming home late.
it made me feel worst.
later, dad scolded sis.
it became worst.
i went to the tolet.
i thought about then,
it made me cry.
i miss those times!!!!
i miss you!!
i always wish i didnt have to let you go.
life now, cant be describe with words.
my parents,
nagging and scolding me every single day.
i tired of all these things.
talk on the phone,
i get scolded,
everything i do practically,
i get a scolding or a nagging.
now im blogging secretly.
so puzzled about so mnay things.
so fearful to do so many things.
dont even have the courage to do so.
even watching tv seems to be a crime.
i miss i miss i miss YOU!!!-never be replaced!

@ 9:49 PM

Thursday, July 06, 2006

im blogging again.
have been sooo busy the past few days.
hardly have any spare time to any other stuff.
a hectic week though.
today, was crazy!
hahah.. or probably its just the usaul thing,
which spells of craziness.. haha
was lethargic in the morning,
but it became different.
it started raining so heavily in the morning.
such a fantastic weather to sleep.
just the right one.
but i had emath test earl in the morning.
it made me partially awake,
cause i had to work my brains.
it was a busy day man.
hell lot of add math homework to collect,
1/4 didnt hand in of each.(3 diff sets)
made me so tired of chasing.
mr lee didnt come today!!
i got to leave the class earlier,
cause had oral!!
OMG! HAHAH.. it got me hype up.
haha! it was so scary la.
the tension and all.
oh my! waited in the waiting room,
i was the 5th one to go.
sidd and i were practising together.
my hair was super neat!
hahaha! for once though.
i screwed the first para,
cause my heart was palpitating!
but i calm myself,
cause i knew it wasnt gonna work out,
if i cotinued reading like the way i did.
haha. it turned out well though.
goodness me!
i remember what mrs towey said,
dont ever say "yar" or"yes" during oral.
so during the picture part,
i didnt had anything to say alr,
so i just simply looked up and smiled at both the invigilators.
haha! cuase i didnt know what to say or what to do.
i love conversations!!! :DD
hahaha.. i had fun during then.lol.
later darl waited for me.(she was the 1st)
went to town together,
to meet the rest,
we took pretty pictures at heeren.
later walked to taka,
bought this super adorable book.
then i went to art friend,
and later home!!!! (:
thought of blogging about what happened the past few days,
but i cant remember a thing i did,
all i could remember was mrs chua hit me! :(
so painful la.
irritating. how can she do that?!

@ 10:19 PM

Saturday, July 01, 2006

E175!! <3

@ 10:03 AM


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