Tuesday, October 31, 2006
(im super scared now!!OMG!!)

ohhh.. joy was so proud of herself that she didnt touch the com for A day.

she said she shant blog about it,
so i'll do it! hahaha!!lol.
anyway, im proud of you too,
that you can resist the temptation. (:
my ulcer is fucking painful!!
its hurting like crap.
its so huge!!! like 2 of it side by side.
its been there like for 5 days already!!
bay and joy were really mean to me today.
kept laughing at me,
and imitating the way i spoke.
cause of the damn ulcer which was so painful,
i couldnt speak and laugh properly.
well.. thought it would be productive at mos burger,
so we went there again today.
today wasnt productive at all,
compared to yesterday.
1st half of english lesson was really boring.
he spoke like s-u-p-e-r s-l-o-wl-y...
yun hui and i were dozing off man.
until he side track and told us about adolf hitler.
it was kinda intresting,
so i woke up. haha!
its so amazing,
that he was actually born during WW2,
and he survived. lol.
but obviously his life story was much more intresting then his lesson.
haha!! Mrs Ng was so blur today!!
she let us out 1 period earlier,
so all the geog girls had 1 hr of recess.haha!
the funniest thing,
was joy, rah and i were all so blur.
we didnt even know we were let out early,
and was wondering why darl took so long to come down.

@ 6:56 PM

the past few days have been really bad.
-got caught for short skirt
-had some emergency practice
(which was really bad!!! )
saturday night:
-caught a flu.
and i was suppose to study,
because i didnt study much on sat.
so i was suppose to make it up,
but the fever was driving me nuts!
i practically slept and slack around the whole day.
-sore throat
-quarrelled with mom
while i went to take my shower,
my mom started medalling with my english homework!
i got so irritated and pissed!!!
i hate it most when people interrupt what im doing.
she knows it best,
but yet. haiya! (itchy fingers!)
dad got pissed too,
cause mom and i were sort of shouting.
ohhh.. i had a so called new english teacher,
only for headstart.
but he is really funny and adorable.
hahaha!!! he speaks super s-l-o-w..
he reminds me of swee seng,
always side-track during lessons.

its another 6 more days to O'lvl math!!!
im freaking scared la.
im dying to get A1!!!!
I MUST GET IT!!!!! !!

@ 12:46 AM

Saturday, October 28, 2006
i have been wanting to blog about this since monday.
unfortunately, my mom has been addicted to watching "princess hour".
(so am i, but i have to resist the temptation.)
so she is always home so early,
like at about 6 she will be home already,
so i wasnt able to blog about it.
anyway, here it goes:
it was on a monday morning,
when i was on my way to school.
my bus behind 174,
so obviously i missed it.
so i had to wait for the next bus,
and there wasnt a single soul at the bus stop.
then this man came,
i think he was about 20+ nearing 30.
he asked me if 106 had passed.
so i thought its just a normal question that people will ask,
so i replied "no."
just then,
i was reading a book which bought last week,
again, i thought it was normal for people to be curious about something,
so when he asked what was the book im reading about,
i just replied.
who knows, he went on asking:
-which U do i plan to study at
-what course
-why study there
-what my bf plans to study
i didnt know what to say, so i simply respone.
i cant pretend that i didnt hear a shit that he said.
it was terrifying ok.
then he asked if he could have a look at my book.
so i was like "sure"
OMG!! when he returned the book to me,
his face popped up in front of mine.
i freaked out la.
my heart was palpitating man.
then he moved his face forward,
towards my direction,
i was so scared, i reacted of course.
i moved backwards.
in my heart i was like praying man.
"God please do something about it!"
then i saw andrewina across the road,
my heart was relief!!
oh my!! the whole day, i kept thinking about it.
how dumb was i to even respone to him.
if anything were to happen,
its like serve me right for being so stupid!

@ 1:34 AM

Tuesday, October 24, 2006
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
im f***ing pissed off!!!
why must you do this all the time,
make me mad,
pisses dad off..
and the following day,
try to make it up.
its off no use!!
im telling you that!!
i love you so much,
but you make me hate you!
i dont want to.
i just cant control myself.
i know i definately did make you sad,
cause i was rude.
im sorry i cant control myself.
why do you still treat me like a damn kid?!
im sixteen!! another year older!
cant you just give me my own room of freedom?!
is that a lot to ask for?!
i know you care,
and you're worried that i may fall ill,
but helllooo..
i know how to look after myself right?!
have i ever gotten a demerit point before?!
NO. not at all..
this certainly shows that i care about my school work!
wyh are you still so worried?
what can i do, so that you will have a mind of peace and not worry?!
tell me what i can do?!!!
i getting sick and tired or all this nonsence.
making me pissed,
making me ignore you,
make me so furious thati'll be rude towards you,
and you try to make it all up the next day,
calling me "darling" the very next moment.
its like WTH!!
how can i put a full-stop to all this crap?!
tell me how?!!!
i hope you'll somehow know about this,
but i've got no idea how.

@ 8:51 PM

Sunday, October 15, 2006


@ 8:02 AM

recognize where this is? haha!

@ 7:58 AM

last day of exams. =)

@ 7:58 AM

Saturday, October 14, 2006
feels good having a shower.
just got home and had my shower.
man.. its tiring.
i feel like sleeping,
but well my hair is still wet,
and it takes some time to dry.
the music kinda suck,
but the crowd was alright.
after all, i had fun.
few more days of fun,
before its back to studying.
a fight nearly broke out.
man.. it was scray ok.
its like this malay kept pushing and all,
then the guy beside me pushed him back,
and they started pointing fingers,
and when like
"whats your problem, you're the one pushing"
and poeple around them were like
"hey chill man"
kinda thing, trying to stop it.
haha! and they did. lol.
my mom came to fetch me home.
whoots! this is like my first time clubbing in peace,
whereby my mom didnt even call me at all!! :D
and its like i drank vodka there, and bought bercadi
haha! that was like half an hour before i hope into the car,
and my mom was like,
" i thought there isnt any alcohol, why are you so red?"
and i replied,
"oh really! i didnt know probably its just warm thats why."
hahaha!! oh my..

@ 4:16 AM

Friday, October 13, 2006
RAH!! i miss you!! <3
guess what rah,
im going DXO later.
i told my parents the truth.
mom is a lil worried,
but both my parents allow me to go!
if only you were here now!
we can ALL have fun together!
i cant believe my parents actually allow ok.
ahhh!! oh my..
im gonna leave my house soon.
take care twin!!
and have fun in aussie!!
love ya loads!!!!
and i miss you hell lot!!

@ 10:19 PM

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

rah and I [twinnies]

@ 11:39 PM


@ 11:34 PM

on saturday.=)

@ 11:33 PM

at least for the month of oct i wouldnt have any more exams,
only until next month.
it'll be back to studying next week!
cant afford to slack already!
for the past one month i guess,
its just books, more books, and books.

yesterday(the last day of exams):
i was suppose to visit the night safari,
but something happened.
oh well..
rah and i went to vivo city instead.
but it wasnt that good now.
most of the shops are still close.
but the place is REALLY MEGA HUGE!
its like indoor town.
*joy i know if you must be predicting something now, that would happen to us.*
anyway, it was boring there,
so we deicided to head to town.
saw this chao chao,
OMG!!! the dog was so huge,
and so well groom. so adorable.
the funniest thing man,
the dog was like seeking LOTS of attention.
when we stepped out of heeren,
there was this quite huge crowd
(about 10-15 people)
taking pics of the dog.
we had crazy fun at heewren.
after we took neoneo,
most of the shops were like close already.
it was deserted. haha!
anyway,rah and i so happen to take pics while going down on the escalator,
and this 2 num guys walked past and said this,
"so you all take picture, never take with me"
then we bursted out laughing. haha.
AND we bumped into them again,
and he said this,
"so are you gonna take a picture with me?"
oh.. but obviously we didnt.

everything has ended i guess,
we can still be friends,
but it all depends on you.
whether or not you want to.
i dont feel the same way as what i felt for someone else.
i wasnt sad or anything,
i didnt even shed a drop of tears because of you,
but i did for someone else.
so i just cant treat you that way,
hope life goes on well for you.

thanks guy for celebrating my birthday with me, althought it was during the exam period. i was seriously shocked, and i never expected that. it was a surprise to me, but joy kinda gave it away when she went into the exam room to take the lighter. ahha! i like eeyore alot, its so soft, so adorable. i can use it when im studying, and i can hug it too! =) i love the cake ALOT! i was thinking of asking my mom to buy something with ice cream in it, and you guys got me 1 from island! I LOVE YOU BABES!! HEARTS! <3<3<3>
*can one of you tell me whats the other half of my present? pouts! i wanna know. why are there faces on it?*

@ 10:35 PM


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