Saturday, September 23, 2006
life for me is still moving on.
loads of stuff has happened.
quiteness,tears, gloomy days,
they'll be OVER!
there is so much more things in life to be happy about.
why brood over the unhappy moments?
i've learn a lot,
i've grown to be stronger. =)

yesterday(22 sep) :
it was the happiest day in my life!
the whole entire day at school,
i was elated,
and i was hyper. haha!!
my effort paid off,
and im happy about it.
it was really a trmendous improvement,
well, that was what i felt,
but not others.
and the only thing i wasn't happy about,
was about my parents.
they seem to have no reaction about it.
no praises or whatsoever. =(
i'll still continue to mugg hard!
show my parents i can do it!
so i can ask my daddy to allow me to get water baptise.
sis is getting water baptise soon.
happy for her.
they brokethrough,
what about me? *pouts.
brown eyes by destiny child's.
its super nice,
its really touching.
i'll always recall of those halcyon days when i listen to it.
i'll always feel like tearing,
but i'll be strong,
and tell myself its not worth it.
hold back hold back!!
i know i can!
i dont know if i should be happy or not,
but this year,
i wouldnt get to celebrate my b'day again.
guess im getting used to it.
last year i didnt,
this year i wouldnt.
next year probably not.
my family didnt even celebrate my b'day for me.
not even singing a b'day song to me.
life was just the same.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

my PRETTY wife!! lovelovehertons! :D

@ 4:06 AM

on the way to tuition.me.joy.sandra

@ 4:05 AM

kin-ball! trust me, its REALLY HUGE!!

@ 4:04 AM

sandra.joy.deanna.laoshi(ms wee).me! i love lao shi! she is so adorable!

@ 4:02 AM

teehee! on teachers'day.ran and i with mrs chua! (Amath teacher.) haha!

@ 4:01 AM

joy was trying to expand my eyes. haha!

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@ 3:58 AM

yummy yummy zaru udon!

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Friday, September 01, 2006
when i blog i realise i always begin with the same sentence:
"havent been blogging in ages"
but its true.
having studying so much, like 24/7 .
i hardly had any time to do other things.
my brother is coming home soon,
so i thought i did blog now or never until he is back at camp.
his BMT is gonna be over soon!!!
is it a good thing or a bad thing?!
oh well.. good and bad i can say.
i just hope we wouldnt quarrel,
so i can study in peace. =)
anyway, i always didnt have the chance of feeling what its like of being the only child.
but now i've experinced it.
it was just a short 3 day period though,
because sis and bro were both away at camp.
i had everything to myself.
i didnt feel lonely though.
(am i suppose to?)
i felt so peaceful.
no one to interrupt me,
no one fighting/quarrling with me.
it was only 3 days,
will it be different in a long run?
the past 2 days was so COLD!!
the torrntial rains more relentless.
i was at the esplanade,
it was freezing cold,
but i didnt want to go home,
cause i was gonna meet my mom for dinner,
cause i had cravings for japanese food.
i decided to walk around the libary,
hoping it will somehow keep me warm.
instead i found a book, "mao's last dancer"
intresting book i must say.
i went back to where i was sitting.
for a moment i thought,
"how am i suppose ti borrow a book?"
->what does this tell,
i havent borrow a book for a long time.
anyway, i celebrated teachers' day in school yesterday(thursday).
it wasnt as fun as previous years,
whereby we ran around the whole school,
making noise and having fun.
this year was different.
no teachers' day performance to watch,
just watch a few students from various classes play kin-ball.
it was super funny,
watching the teachers play.haha!
anyway, joy, rah, darl and i went over to 4/8.
it was sooo fun at 4/8.
it reminded me of those days,
when i was in 2/8.
i reallly miss the type of fun i had that year.
back to the party,
4/8 has lots of great dancers.
belinda was like oh my gosh! teehee.
i'll update a video soon.. haha.
oh there was Oolong tea at the party,
and when there is oolong tea,
you can just say "OH MY GOODNESS!"
not because its great,
but just joy gets high on oolong tea. oops!
but i mean its true! :D
today, is teachers' day holiday!
met up with rah and darl in the morning,
and then later with joy and sandra in the afternoon.
we studied at the arts cafe.
the food there is just so fantastic!
you cant resist not eating there.
the curry puff is like OMG!!!
haha!! rah ate 2 and i ate 2 curry puffs. :DD
im really gonna put on weight!! *screams*
on tuesday, im gonna go for a long swim.
cant afford to put on more weight!
its krunk market today!!
and im gonna miss it! =((
i wanna go!!! sigh.
probably some other time.


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