Tuesday, November 28, 2006
went to swim in the morning,
and i had a freaking tann!!
it hurts like crap ok.
so badly that i couldnt sleep properly last night.
not only,
evrey part of my body was hurting,
and i could hardly move a limb.
went out with joey too!
thanks for everything joey!!
i enojyed myself a lot,
and i had great fun.

oh well..
gave zhi an bs today.
jonah came to meet us,
and later bay came.
jonah is extremely irritating today!
and im not gonna talk to him for AT LEAST 7 days.
maybe even longer.
after the 2 brothers left,
by and i walked around town.
waited for joy for 59 mins!!
we were tired,
and we didnt have anythign to do,
so we sat at somerset mrt.
and joy was 29 mins late,
so we sat for 59 mins.
i was in the process of decaying,
so i went a little crazy right JOY?!
went to play pool!!
hit some balls.. lol.
thanks joy for pool game!!
then i went home for dinner!!

@ 9:57 PM

Sunday, November 26, 2006
ohhh.. have to blog about this.
my whole family went for breakfast together,
this is something that is really rare. yea.
finally i visited the supermarket!!!
it began to rain,
so i met my cousins and all only at aboout 5.
my cousin and i went to blade.
blade like from the seafood place all the way to changi!!
the end of the park!!
then blade back,
oh man..
it was hell tiring!!
then i rest for like 5 mins
and went to cycle,
because sis and all rented bikes,
so i went to return them.
they were lazy pigs!!
went to this seafood restaurant.
ohhh.. the food was yummy!!.
then home sweet home!!
time to sleep now.
good night everyone!

@ 11:26 PM


aiiyah yahi yahi..
wheres my motherfucker fly,
green black and blue is the colour in its eye.
aiiyah yahi yahi..
i come from japan in my little underpants,
just to find my motherfucker fly.
aiiyah yahi yahi
you're the motherfucker fly,
green black and blue is the colour in my eye.
aiiyah yahi yahi..
i serch high and low in my underpants,
just to find that motherfucker fly.
aiiyah yahi yahi..
wheres my motherfucker fly,
green black and blue is the colour in your eye.
aiiyah yahi yahi..
when it gets cold i wear more underpants,
just to find the motherfucker fly.
aiiyahi yahi yahi..
that motherfucker fly,
can't find it now so i'll go and fuck and die.

@ 2:02 AM

when to the airport early afternoon,
to fetch shimada!!!
miss her loads!!
shes finally back!!! =)
headed down to expo for svc.
we were kinda bored and tired during svc,
so erika, joy and i created a story.
here it goes:
once, in Japan i met someone by the name of croachishiwa! what the fuck, he screamed 'WHAT!' there goes my christmas tree, SHIT! i like lollipops, maybe i should eat some udon that looked like my little adorable piglet."oink! oink!" alphabet soup rocks.whoot! my udon tastes like pisai. pisais are edible! the phone rang with pisai stuck on my tooth, " Arlooo... i need some gay fuck, ca you come to y farm? fuck my goat and squeeze milk! mehh.. it hurts, feels so good. give me sponge-bob porn nasty videos! i love gary stupid dumb snail. patrick is sexy! oh yeah.. fucking sexy momma boy.
because svc ended already.
jin, joy, bay, guo and i took turns to talk to jo.
nauhgty them wanted to run away.
too bad, jo was smart.
choo!!choo!! all the way to city hall.
sat by the side along the river,
at the esplanade.
left about 11.30 to catch te last bus.
no money for cabby this week!
cant wait for monday!!!!
so i'll finally get my allowance!!
i hope dad will still provide for me.
thanks daddy!! <3

@ 12:38 AM

Saturday, November 25, 2006

this was taken last night at the esplanade. no merlion this sat.

@ 10:48 PM

the receipt from the supermarket on what i spent today.sorry daddy.. guess it was a bomb.

@ 10:47 PM

Friday, November 24, 2006
finally its saturday tmr!!
i had 2 BORING day,
and thats enough for me!
although i've been staying at home,
lazing around and all,
but i think i did lose some weight.
all i had the entire day was bee hoon goreng.
just a can of canbell soup.
i couldnt even cook anything,
that i know how to.
my house is really pathetic now.
not in a horrible state,
but its just that there isnt any food at all.
parents are always so busy,
no time to visit the supermarket.
i guess all my mom thinks that i eat is chips.
when i ask her to go to the supermarket,
her reply would always be,
"what you want to buy, go downstairs to the mama shop and buy chips."
my maid is always out,
she'll happily go eat,
and i'll be left alone at home.
when to blade today.
finally i did some exercise.
bro's home now.
he got posted to the air force.
haha!! happy for him,
at leaast he is happy.
he is thankful that there isnt anymore field camp,
and i was laughing! haha!!

@ 10:22 PM

craziness spells in rah then. haha!!

@ 12:45 AM

everyone was super tired after mos.

@ 12:45 AM

outside mos. before we headed back to the hotel.

@ 12:42 AM

some pics we took in the hotel, before heading down to mos.

@ 12:38 AM

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
was out the whole day yesterday,
thats why i didnt blog.
stayed over at robertson quay hotel.
went over to mos at 7.30,
and due to the wet weather doors only opened at 8.30.
like WTH! what has the weather got to do with it man.
joy and mel both cabbed home to get their IDs.
went back to the hotel only at about 5 i think.
gave joy her present.
wasnt a surprise already.
everyone was so tired.
all left at about 9 plus.
came home,
used the osim i squeeze immediately. haha.
then i slept for about 3 hrs.
watched tv, went online.
slpet again.
then had dinner,
felt tired.
rest on the bed.
my neck is hurting now!!
its super painful!!!!
guess i was too tired and i slept in the wrong position.


@ 11:37 PM

was out the whole day yesterday,
thats why i didnt blog.
stayed over at robertson quay hotel.
went over to mos at 7.30,
and due to the wet weather doors only opened at 8.30.
like WTH! what has the weather got to do with it man.
joy and mel both cabbed home to get their IDs.
went back to the hotel only at about 5 i think.
gave joy her present.
wasnt a surprise already.
everyone was so tired.
all left at about 9 plus.
came home,
used the osim i squeeze immediately. haha.
then i slept for about 3 hrs.
watched tv, went online.
slpet again.
then had dinner,
felt tired.
rest on the bed.
my neck is hurting now!!
its super painful!!!!
guess i was too tired and i slept in the wrong position.


@ 11:37 PM

Monday, November 20, 2006
i think i dont intend to sleep already.
the birds are already chipping.
i've got to leave the house at 7.30,
might as well not sleep.
im feeling so excited now!!!
its only tmr!!!
fun is on its way!!
joy joy..
you can do the birthday thing soon. hahaha!!!
i cant wait for tmr!!
oh man..
im sooo happy!!
everyone's period are over!!!
so nobody will PMS!lol.

@ 5:59 AM

i miss you still.
when the night comes,
i'll become emo.
i will recall of the times we spent together,
from the very beginning.
even before the day you told me those 3 words.
you make me realise that you're the only person i have truly loved.
since then,
no one has been able to capture my heart like how you did.
i've tried accepting new people,
but my heart was never open to them.
you have already moved on,
but whenever i try,
i'll fall back to square 1.
the song i told you about,
only goes out to you,
not anyone else.
-fountain of wealth
-the merlion
-your place
-the wall
-the place where you held my hands for the very 1st time.
i still long for you to be by my side.

@ 5:22 AM

i slept like a pig.
slept about 2am,
woke up at 9 plus but i continued lazing in bed,
fell asleep again till 11 plus.
then i fell asleep again,
and this time,
i woke up only at 5.haha!
i was really bored.
read my book, and the papers,
till 6+ and then went out for dinner.
parents were quarrelling just now.
i just stayed in the room,
shut the doors,
blast the music.
i felt so irritated by all their shouting and all.
so yeah.

i was freaking tired yesterday.
went for interview at meritus mandarin.
jin,joy, and i were super hungry,
so we went to taka for lunch.
later, head down to vivo city!
that was where it all started.
had some cg event thing yesterday,
it was a combine thing,
called the "wild goose chase"
oh my!!! i walked roung vivo city like countless times.
i was so mega tired during svc.
my ankles felt like they were gonna give way any moment.
suppose to give bs after svc,
but they didnt bring their books.
so postpone to monday 8am.
pray that i wouldnt be late!! haha!!
actually i wanted to go home after svc,
but wanted to spent time with my friends,
so went out.
bought chippy snack at raffles,
bought snacks and drinks at market place,
then walked to the supreme court!
sat ther and chill out there.
it was all on bay last night!
thanks bay!! :D
oh my!!!
thw worst nightmare that happened then.
saw this clement guy,
the scariest person i've ever known.
i had a really bad encounter.
there was once i saw him in the bus,
he was satring at me,
so i gave a super dao face,
and he said this'
"star at girls cannot meh?"
so when he was crossing the road towards the supreme court,
i literally freaked out!!!!!
then he sat at the first step,
and we were sitting somewhere near the top.
i was so scared ok!
of all time why did i see him then.
and we were saying that we did use the stick to poke him if he were to come near us.
later, joy, bay, and rah shared a cab home together,
and pei jin and i shared another cab home.

@ 12:24 AM

Saturday, November 18, 2006
ahhhhhhh!!!! fuck it!!!
feeling damn irritated now.
i dont wish to see you at all.
you're like a freaking bitch!
i feel you're just being so selfish.
keeping everything.
not wanting others to steal something that you've got.
you're really weird.
trying to make people jealous or what?!
if you are wanting to make people envious of you,
sorry but you failed to do so.
you're just making people feel irritated of you.
telling us redundant stuff,
for whatever the reason is.
dumb you.
having so many faces,
i have had enough of those crap!
if you dont want others to have it,
like you do,
then just tell me straight in my face?!
may be that way will certainly be better you know,
but i doubt you'll ever read this.
i hope you do though.

@ 1:17 AM

Friday, November 17, 2006

i cooked this on my own!! hahah! it was great. thank God i didnt had diahorrea after eating. ahah!

@ 9:07 AM

my new sims family.i just build their house today. :D

@ 9:05 AM

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
woke up at 8.30 this morning,
when i was suppose to wake up only at 10.
just couldnt sleep.
didnt had anything to do,
so i watched princess hour! lol.
watch till about 10.30 i had to leave the house,
and head down to school.
had chem theory test today.
i think i had a differnet paper from you girls.
mine didnt have any notes or whatsoever.
the test was quite tough.
after the test,
gracia, fariza, cherry, vyvian and i went to the cathay,
to catch a movie.
we wacthed the final call!! ahhh!!
it was a lil scarry, gross, sad,freaky!
gracia literally covered her eyes nearly throughout the movie.haha!
fariza screamed her lungs out,
i nearly gone deaf.
haha!! but as usual i had to squeeze someone.
so squeezed fariza's hand at those freaky scenes.
vyvian and i cried at the last part of the show.
it was super sad..
the bf couldnt bare to let the gf die,
so he sacrifice himself,
so she wouldnt die.
the saddest thing was,
she watched him die infront of her very own eyes.
it was damn sad..
i was feeling tired,
was still a lil sick,
so i went home to rest.
i played sims 2,
and guess what!
my chowchow and golden retriver fought!
haiyo.. now their relationship with one another is quite bad.
how are they suppose to try for a puppy now?
when they hate each other. =(
i got to go do a lil of amath revision.
i've got amath test tmr!
binomial theorem!!
fun, easy, but gets a lil complicating at times.

@ 11:47 PM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
wasnt feeling very well today,
but still went to darl's place,
cause it was alreday planned.
had lunch there.
food was super yummy!!
although it was all vegatables,
it was good!
the only thing i didnt like was the binjal.
it was bad to me,
but good to joy.
ate mochi with red beans too.
in acutal fact,
i dislike eating red beans,
but it blends well with the mochi. haha!
felt worst later in the afternoon.
i was running a fever.
so we all left darl's house at about 4.
i discovered a another of going over to rah's place.
its more convenient. yea.
went home,
i used a towel,
and tried to bring the temperature down,
cause it was making me feel so uncomfortable.
when mom came home,
i had no choice but to eat medicine.
my maid was eating her medicine,
and she was complaining that its so bitter!!!
and i told her, "which medicine on earth isnt bitter."
haha! so today,
was her trun to say it to me,
and she was like,
"haha see.. you better not complain its bitter."
felt a lilttle better after that,
so i went downstaris to the provision hop to buy eggs,
cause i felt like baking again.
fever has gone down now,
but once every few minutes,
the left side of my head will start pounding.

@ 10:37 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006
suppose to go over to rah's place at 10,
but i couldnt wake up.
alarm rang, but i continued sleeping.
was too tired.
woke up only when my maid called.
she went to visit the doctor,
and it was about to rain.
so she called to ask me to bring in the bamboos,
obviously with clothes on it.
brought in some,
and some was too heavy for me.
so i applied some common sense,
brought in the ones nearer to me,
and then try to shift the ones further nearer towards me,
so it'll be lighter.
finally!! brought all the clothes in,
but some got wet,
cause i was too slow to bring all in.
watched tv, but nothing nice.
waited the whole morning for my maid to return.
she took so long.
i played sims 2 pets.
by the time she came home,
i was feeling rather lazy already,
and didnt want to go over to rah's place,
cause it would be quite troublesome too,
cause there isnt a direct trnsport to bring me there,
unless i cab there.
about 4+ joy called.
later, went to watch step up with joy at the cathay!!
today was the first time im watching a movie there.
step up was superb!!!
the dance, stroyline, music.
oh man!!! its all mega fantastic!!
its a show worth watching.
its a MUST watch man. hahah!!
after that,
joy and i shared fish food!!
ahhh!!! it was sooo yummy!!
haha!! we took alternate turns to eat the fish.lol.
i got the last fish!!! ahaha!! :D
then we walked to plaza together.
so joy took the train,
and i took the bus.
no idea what was happening at suntec city today.
there were soo many police/traffic police/bus inspectors.
the road along suntec was blocked.
there were buses lined up along suntec city.
there were check-points when you go in/out of suntec.
no idea what took place there.
ahyone has any idea?!
i asked dad,
he wasnt too sure about it too.
and geroge bush is coming to singapore! lol.
the best thing about his arrival,
was the GCE exams were delayed.
haha! good for those taking exams. =)
managed to reach home in time to watch,
"so you think you can dance 2"
joy i wasnt late for my show!! teehee. :D

@ 11:25 PM

Sunday, November 12, 2006
i'm finally blogging again.
im really happy now,
that ALL my exams for the year is over.
i wanted to blog right after my paper ended,
but on friday:
-rushed home to change
-went to meet joy in town
-went for cell together
-went to prata with jin
-mom came to fetch me
and when i finally reached home,
and when i had the time to blog,
something went wrong with the com.
there was some boot failure!
so irrriitating!! (its not the 1st time!)
so i had no choice,
but to wait for bro to return from camp,
and the worst thing was bro couldnt come home on sat,
but sunday cause he had some night training.
what a day for my brother to spent his 21st birthday in camp.
i have been wanting to cut my hair for so long,
and finally!!
i went to cut my hair.
i kinda miss my fringe.. yea.
it was a WET saturday!
it was a torrential rain in town.
went to meet bay and jin at taka.
they met sandra and zara too!
later, joy at wisma.
we were all so tired of walking,
so we sat at anywhere we could.
cause rah was caught in a jam.
so we had to wait for her.
later, i was really hungry.
i feel like a hungry soul on sat!
i kept eating anything i saw,
that caught my attention.lol.
what a waste of money.
bought this strawberry drink,
it was really nice!!
joy got addicted to eat after her first sip! haha!
then we headed down for svc.
we were all really tired and distracted.
we werent paying much attention.
rah was super funny!!!
haha!! fnacy turning an english guy into an indian man.lol.
jin and i laughed like mad. haha!
headed back to town after svc.
everywhere was closed!!!oh man..
and our stomachs were growling,
we were all hungry and tired!
finally!!! we found n.y.d.c which was open till 2a.m!! :D
ate there, and jeric came over to join us.
after we satisfy our tummies,
we were so FULL!!
so we decided to do some exercise.
so we walked from heeren to dougby.
friends smoked,
but i didnt want to.
later, went to meet vinc.
while the rest went to esso to get drinks.
after all this while that we've been able to buy it,
but today even rah couldnt get it.
so obviously, the rest didnt have to try.
bay and joy cabbed home from there.
while i was waiting for them at the bus stop.
rah's phone died,
so i lend her my phone.
so that she could talk to jeric,
while i was talking to vinc.yeah.
when i met rah at the playgorund,
she was still on the phone.
i was diturbing her!haha.
i was bored, didnt had anything else to do.
when we went up, rah and i slept quite late.
we were talking till about 5,
and woke up at 7.15.
oh man.. it was so early!!!
obviously, i didnt bother
and i continued sleeping.haha!
left rah's house only at 9? lol.
went to have breakfast together at hougang mall.
then we parted.
i was stranded outside of my house.
i didnt bring my keys out,
and nobody was home!
i sat at the doorstep,
listening to my music,
playing games from phone/ipod.
parents came to my rescue!
i needed the toilet desperately too!
i was like"oh man.. what time are they coming home?"
the 1st thing i did was drop my stuff,
and i occupied the toilet!haha.
later, i showered and had to accompany mom to buy bro's cake and a key for him.
cause its like everyone says 21 is the age that you get a key. yeah.
planned to go suntec,
but carpark was full!!
mom and i didnt know there was exhibitions going on yea.
so parked the car at marina,
and walked over to suntec.
i was sooo hungry!!
cause i only ate a piece of carrot cake in the morning.
so i kept asking my mom to buy food for me,
and she was like,
there is no time to waste!
and i told her this,
"a hungry woman is a angry woman!"
haha!! so mom bought me food!! :D
after all the shopping,
went to granny's place.
she was angry and disappointed i guess,
and she didnt want to go for my bro's d'day celebration.
i must look for a job now,
so i can bring my granny out for lunch!
it'll surely make her smile.
had dinner at this long beach restaurant at marina south,
to celebrate bro's 21st birthday!!!
the food was really good! :D yummy!!!
obviously , bro was sabotage. hahah!!
he had to blow a ballon,
and give it to the youngest child at the restaurant,
and tell her that its his b'day. lol.
at first, he choose to blow this worm-shaped ballon,
and it was iumpossible,
unless you use the pump.
cause it was kinda straight.
then he blowed this rabbit-shaped ballon.
it was so adorable!! haha!
after all the fun,
dad had to speed to make sure bro reach boon lay in time.
then home sweet home!!


@ 11:43 PM


@ 8:35 AM

my family! =)

@ 8:34 AM

haha!! brother's birthday sabotage! hahaha!

@ 8:32 AM

bro's 21st birthday!

@ 8:31 AM

at the swing. :)

@ 8:22 AM

we played the swing before i left. haha!

@ 8:21 AM

look at how tired we look. the first picture we took when we woke up.

@ 8:20 AM

together with fat cat!! ;)

@ 8:19 AM

eyes shut,mouth sealed!

@ 8:18 AM

rah.. i reeaally had lots of fun with you last night. i love you twin! we were imagining ourselves as real sisters, sharing the same bed, telling secrets, etc.

@ 8:18 AM

took this as proof to show mom that i was really at rah's place.

@ 8:15 AM

when rah was on the phone with jeric!! hahaha!!

@ 8:14 AM

it was a really random thing that i did. lol.

@ 8:12 AM

the most successful foursome shot, compared to the rest. ahahaha!

@ 8:11 AM

in front of the istana. ahha!

@ 8:09 AM

sandra said, "lets pretend to be maniquins" haha! we tried, but seems like sandra is the best one?

@ 8:08 AM

out temp tattos. oh well.. my dear joy has got a real one now. its so nice!!

@ 8:06 AM

aint the merlion beautiful?! such a awesome place to be at. i love!!

@ 8:05 AM

i was emo-ing.

@ 8:04 AM

i love my bestie loads!! <3s!! ;D

@ 8:02 AM

cant remember whose fingers are those.

@ 8:01 AM

haha!! peixhen's sexy long legs. what was daddy bay up to? hmm.. haha!! ;)

@ 8:01 AM

adorable jonjon and us[twins].

@ 7:59 AM

this was last sat, i was even studying in thr train. finally!!! not anymore for the moment! :D

@ 7:57 AM

this was last saturday, just hanging out.

@ 7:55 AM

i never knew how joy acutally did this, but yea. its great! =]

@ 7:54 AM

in the train.

@ 7:53 AM


@ 7:52 AM

Saturday, November 04, 2006
its really scary now!!
oh my!!! i cant believe it..
i'm gonna M.I.A from msn and blogger for the next one week.
will be busy preparing for Os.
i pray that i will be healed by then.
still feeling a little sick.

have been studying at lido lately.
quite a conducive place to study at.
i was so stressed after studying today,
so joy accompanied to jalan jalan.
and i bought a top from zara.
later, mom called me.
joy took the eraser, preparing to throw it at me,
if i am rude to mom. haha!
i was quite nice over the phone.
quite patient with her still. lol.
mom saw,
and she was like,
"you are suppose to study, yet you go shopping."
i told her this,
"mom, this is called retail therapy. "
haha!! mom,cousin and aunt laughed.
later, went shopping with mom.
she bought a top, a belt, an a pair of earings for me.
i told her about the skirt from topshop,
she said she'll get it for me! yay!!
while shopping with mom today,
i had a great time.
enjoyed myself,
and i guess so did my mom.

ciao yo everyone.
i'll be away from the com for 1 week!!
think i'll be able to resist! :P

@ 1:59 AM

Friday, November 03, 2006

joy and i changed our shoes for the day. eventually, we sort forgot to change back. lol.

@ 9:41 AM

sat night outing!! truth and dare!! whoot! FUN! :D

@ 9:40 AM

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

haha!! finally,
add math lessons was fun again. ahaha!!
but its gonna get tougher and its not gonna be nice again.
bad weather today.
the torential rain were relentless.
so stayed at serene the whole day,
after math remedial.
we stick tatoos on ourselves. ahha!!
sacee called those with tatoo the "serene kids"
hahaha!! obviously she was only joking.
anyway, was quite productive today.
studied quite a bit.
was so tired when i got home.
finally,i can have an early night.
studied till about 6:30,
and sacee,bay,sandra,ben,jeric and i,
went over to adam for dinner.
i really hate my nose and my throat today.
after a running nose,
i get a block nose.
i felt so suffocated.
i could only breathe through my mouth.
it felt terrible.
the sore throat makes my throat itchy all the time,
and that made me cough.
God, please take away the discomforts..
now its back to running nose again.

@ 10:25 PM

-A father sea catfish keeps the eggs of his young in his mouth until they are ready to hatch. he will not eat until his young are born, which may take several weeks.

-A father cockroach eats bird droppings to obtain precious nitrogen, which he carries back to feed his young.

-Marmosets are tiny south american monkeys. the fathers take care of their babies from birth. when the marmoset is born, the father cleans it, then carries it to the mother only when it needs to be nursed. when the baby can eat solid food, the father will feed it.

-Rheas are large south american birds similar to ostriches. father rhea takes sole care of his young. from eggs to chicks, he feeds, defends and protects them until they are old enough to survive on their own.

-A father namaqua sandgrouse of Africa's kalahari desert flies as far as 50 miles a day in order to soak himself in water and return to his nest, where his chicks can drink from his feathers.

-When the mother wolf gives birth to pups, the father stands guard outside their den and brings food to the mother and pups. as they grow, he not only plays with them but also teaches them how to survive. wolves continue to live together much as human families do.

-the male darwin frog hatches his eggs in a pouch in his mouth. he can eat and continue about his business until his tadpoles lose their tails, become tiny frogsand jump out of his mouth.

-A female sea hourse lays her eggs in a pouch located in the front of the male's stomach. the daddy sea hourse carries the eggs until they hatch. when the babies are big enough, they swim.

-A penguin pop balances the mother's egg on his feet. he uses his skin and feathers to protect the egg from the bitter antartic cold. dad does this for nine weeks without eating, until the egg is ready to hatch.

after reading this,
i wondered what sacrifices my dad made for me,
other then supporting the familt financially.
i wondered ho much my dad truly care for me.
when i was younger,
he never played with me like how he did with other kids.
how much my dad truly cares for my mom?!
i dont know..

@ 1:24 AM


Vanessa Soh

I'm currently studying at The University of Queensland majoring in Electrical and Aerospace Engineering.

I miss Cheerleading and its something I hope I can get back to. I love to climb mountains and I love to travel!

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