Sunday, December 31, 2006
thanks dear for the ham and cheese sandwhich you made for me at your place. it was really delicious, and it filled my tummy. X) i had great fun staying over at your place. although its not only the 2 of us spending time together, but i had fun changing water with you for boger and jurjer, taking pictures, sharing blankets! and the company you gave me, when i emo-ing. thanks for the cakes!!!! ITS SUPERB!!! hahah... i miss the cheesecake!!! :DDD thanks for hokkien mee.. i love you loads besty!! you're the bestest friend i have ever known in my life. i love you many!!!!

@ 12:32 AM

he msg me today at like 5.35 when i was working. i didnt reply. i didnt know if i should reply or not, so i took a long time to make a decision. it was a really tough one that i had to really think through, because the new year is soon to be here, and i want to leave the past behind. so i hope and i want myself to be fine by then. the only that would allow my heart not to be smashed further, was to forget everything, and let it go. so i replied at 8. he did reply, but after that, i didnt reply anymore. i thought i shouldnt, cause it'll be the best way to guard my heart, and protect my own heart. i have every single memories of us written in this book, and i guess i'll burnt it after the count down. you said we did be great friends, im happy that you said that at least, but i cant do it. the sight of you, the presence of you, will only sadden me more, and make me recall.

@ 12:25 AM

met my babes at about 5+.
went to eat thai express at paragon,
instead of having steamboat.
no idea why.
chilled at youth park.
went over to joy's place,
played disney monopoly.
watched dvds.
stayed over.

came home,
went breakfast with mom and dad.
off to work.
was early,
so i went shopping at topshop.
thank God it was open.
otherwise i'll be damn bored.
my last day at work today.
its bad having so many mirrors all over in mango.
you know why?!
becausee customers will just treat anywhere as a fitting room,
so long as there is a mirror for them to look at themselves.
not only that,
after they try,
and they dont like it,
they'll just leave it at that particular spot,
regardless of where it is.
so annoying!!
im happy its my last day! :D
went home after work.
rest and slack for awhile.
i was suppose to be early,
but i didnt wear my specs,
and i saw bus 30 as 31.
so i didnt bother since i thought it was 31,
but actually it was bus 30.
so i missed my bus.
took a cab in the end.
met cell at tampines.
watched death note 2!!
i cried when kira died.lol.
now home!!
and im going to bed.
but im feeling super hungry!!

its new year eve now!! :D

@ 12:17 AM

Saturday, December 30, 2006
i just got home from joy's place.
and i need to get my butt of the chair,
and off to work!!
it my LAST DAY at work!! hoorrayy!! :D

@ 8:22 AM

Friday, December 29, 2006
ahhhh!!!! shit!!
i wish i didnt come online now.
so i wouldnt come to know about things that i dont wish to know.
damn it!!!
why am i having this weird feeling.
and i just cant decribe the way im feeling now.
one thing for sure,
i know i have this frightened feeling.
my hands are like nervous.wth.
what am i suppose to do?!!
and you broke your promise... =(

my mommy saw some stuff i didnt want her to see.
mom saw the pics i took with joey today.
she knows about everything now.
she didnt flare; im surprised!
she didnt nag,
she was just fine with it when she saw the photos.
and she even saw the picture that we kissed!! lol.
and she didnt scold..
my mommy is soo different now. lol.
but what if she knows that we arent together anymore.
she'll feell damn sad.
but at least i've got no secrets hiding from mommy anymore!

i survived through the day today.
my feets are feeling terrible!!
just this sour feeling,
its bad enough!
plus my muscles are hurting,
after standing for 14 hours.
im not afraid of mr lee next year if he punish us alr.lol.
after standing for 14 hours,
1 and a 1/2 hour is nothing!!

damn it!!
im emo-ing again..
why of all time?!!
im so tired today,
i need sleep..
now, i doubt i can get any.
cause i'll cry when i go to bed.

i cant wait to see my babes later!!!!

@ 1:16 AM

Thursday, December 28, 2006
ahhh!! i got to sleep really soon..
im working from8AM-10.30PM tmr!!
inside isetan.
do drop by if you can!!
i hope i wouldnt be bored tmr.

oh my!! i cant wait for the 29th!!
+the 28th will be over!!
which means 14hours of work will be over,
and im left with one more working day.
+i get to see all my babes!!
steamboatie!!! i cant wait to ctach up with my babes!!
today, was a long day,
but i had sooooo muchhhh fuuunnn!!! :D

stupid neighbour,
still renovatin her house!!
and the construction workers started drilling at like what 9 in the morning?!
WTH!! so i didnt catch much sleep.
so i had breakfast,
helped my maid,
who was helping my sis to prepare egg sandwhich AGAIN!!
then i laze around..
but i got irritated by the noise,
and was nagging at mom to stop watching her K drama.
she is addicted to some Kdrama AGAIN!!
one thing good when mom is addicted:
-she wouldnt call me every 5 mins to go home, etc.
although she called me once today,
that was because something went wrong with the player. lol.
mom drove me to buy GOLDFISHES for joy's x'mas gift.
then went to tp to fetch her,
and then mom gave us a lift to joy's place.
thanks mommy!!

i helped her to set up the tank,etc.
we were rather impatient people,
so it was damn funny!! ahah..
we didnt wait for the filter to suck the water,
so we taught it wasnt working,
and tried ALL kinds of funny methods! lol.
bimbotic, but funny and fun!! =))
we had some time left,
before we had to leave the house,
so we decided to search the internet on:
lol. apparently, i kninda fell asleep.haha.
i was tired!! reallY tired.
deardear!! you bed is super comfortable!! =)

on the way to meet bay,rah and jims.
we named the goldfishes!!
(i miss the fishes!!)
so met jim,rah and bay at paragon,
thenhead to heeren to meet chloe!!
went to NUM to say hi to guo.
went over to cine,
played pool,
i miss playing pool!!
just yesterday,
i walked past this place and saw people playing pool.
and then home!!

yayee!! jeffery won project runway!!! ;)
the sad thing
just one sad thing happened lately.
my cousin condem me in front of others.
and it serioulsy suck.
i damn sad larh!!
now i know.
even if they are your cousin,
so what?!
they can still do anything they want,
they dont really care i suppose.
she told like all her friends who were working at mango that
my chinese is the worst amongest everyone who is working there, and even worst then sarah's chinese.
just say "wth!" right?!
damn it!!
and i got to learn about it when her friend told me.
she kinda looked like a nerd,
so i guess she didnt know she was not suppose to say or something,
and she told me.
i gonna throw my result slip straight into her face if i get A for chinese.
even better if i do better then her for overall.
is my chinese really that bad?!!

tommy tommy!!
so happy to see you that day when you popped by!
rubbish bin!!!
i need to talk to you!!
where are you?!=(

@ 12:09 AM

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

learn to always stay focus to a spot.

@ 8:40 AM

serious joy// really serious when she plays pool. //hehe.

@ 8:37 AM


@ 8:36 AM

jims and i.. snap a shot while waiting for bay.

@ 8:32 AM

i wonder who is the naughty one who took this, pointing a middle finger?!

@ 8:25 AM

joy//me//jims//bay//rah outside paragon. we were like some tourist man. haha!!

@ 8:24 AM

at delifrance.

@ 8:16 AM

i <3 you girls!! the ones who always keep me going.

@ 8:16 AM

its Boger, JurJer and i. =)

@ 8:13 AM

our unsuccessful shot with Boger and JurJer.

@ 8:12 AM

this was joy's christmas gift! Boger and JurJer!!

@ 8:12 AM

my new nalgene bottle!!! i have been wanting to buy one, and joy bought it for me!! i miss my old one sooo much.. someone stole it at sentosa!! =( THANKS BESTY!!! LOVE LOADS!! :D

@ 8:10 AM

Sunday, December 24, 2006
what a day..
im spending christmas eve at home.
woke up in the middle of the night last night,
to stayed by the toilet.
felt super terrible.
eventually, i vomited.
couldnt sleep the rest of the night.
for a moment i felt cold,
and then hot.
wth right.
woke up in the morning,
and i got scolded by dad for being sick.
i had no choice but to drink some milo.
otherwise dad will make noise.
so i drank a lilttle,
and vomitted in the car.
so i was suppose to work today,
but i didnt.
i was feeling too weak,
and i couldnt take it.
so i came home,
and slept the whole day.

@ 11:32 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2006
went shopping with mom today.
im freaking broke now. lol.
spent like $68 at topshop,
and $95 at zara.
and i reserved stuff at mango,
which i havent purchase it yet.
my heart hurts man.
oh.. God bless me man..
its work tmr again.
definately there'll be OT..
cause im working till the shop closes.

@ 12:34 AM

@ 12:26 AM

@ 12:25 AM

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

was just browsing through some pictures, so thought of posting this.lol.i wonder who took this.

@ 7:56 AM

Monday, December 18, 2006
my index finger is freaking painful.
and everyone at home thinks im damn noisy.
i cant complain to anyone,
so i'll shout out to my blog.
i cant fucking touch it,
cause it hurts!!

@ 11:52 PM

im damn disappointed with myself!!!
i got fucking 5 points. WTH!!!
mainly 2s, so i dont have a choice.
thats all!!
i just need to vent my anger and disappointment!

ahhh!! my index finger is freaking painful!!!
its swollen!!!

sorry God,
i think im quite vulgar today,]
caused im pissed!!

@ 11:04 PM

Thursday, December 14, 2006
can you imagine what life would be like if you could control it?! i gues it'll definately be better. too bad that my life is beyond my control. i cant let things happen the way i want it to be. well.. it can never happen on this earth. whats the reason that God created a child like me? im puzzled!!
if only i lead a life like a sim.

@ 2:50 AM

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

@ 10:56 PM

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
NO more an emo child!
i wrote a letter to joey,
and i feel so enlightened now,
after getting everything off my chest.
i had many things to do today,
and i woke up late,
so my journey ended late.
left the house at 5.
head down to the head office,
to photocopy my IC.
shop around for my working shoes.
left town,
and off to baby's house to drop the letter.
then went to towey's house near school,
to pay tuition fees.
and then home!!
and i reached home only at about 10+.

i met rah and jeric today.
i felt like a freaking bright lampost!
yesterday wasnt that bad,
because ben was there too.
its just me and the love birds!
oh my..
got to sleep now.
i'll be working from 10-8 tmr.
but at least i get to shop!! :D

@ 11:31 PM

Monday, December 11, 2006
the worst fashion sense ever!!
we had to dress up totally black!!
we look freaking horrible!!
like OMG!!
the break was ONLY 30mins!!
such a short time to eat!
i had to learnt to eat faster.
and we literally stayed in the storeroom the whole entire day!
but it wasnt stuffy,
there was air corn so it was quite alright.
quite tiring to carry the stuff here and there.
i got the chance to train my mental sum,
cause we were doing stock check,
so had to count everything in each box,
to see if the number tally.
i riped boxes and plastic bags,
till my nails chipped!
just to stick those discounted prices on.
yay!! its off day tmr!!
and im going shopping!!

@ 8:53 PM

outside fullerton! our saturday night hangout time.

@ 5:53 AM

bestiesJV!! i <3 JOY!!

@ 5:52 AM

my name tag!! =

@ 4:54 AM


@ 2:52 AM

went swimming today.
swam 20 laps!!
felt so good after that.
i always enjoy swimming cause i'll feel so refreshed!!
like a whole new life.
man.. my chinese is getting worst!!
im like taking ages to finish a piece of compo.
this really suck!!
i need to start studying for chinese!!
its gonna determine if i can get into jc..

@ 1:47 AM

Sunday, December 10, 2006
i have a feeling im gonna die of hunger one day. i kind of lost my appetite the past few days. no cravings, detest the sight of food, and i dont even feel like eating. what if i were to die?! what will things be like in my family, amongest my friends, and him?!

i had a long sleep today. its just felt like i havent slept for ages. slept at 4am, and woke up at 3pm. got a scolding from that the very moment i woke up. like WTH! just because i didnt eat anything yet. after not seeing my grandma for so long, she said i lost weight. what will mom say when she return?!

@ 4:36 PM

-flee market shooping with joy.
-watched jack and the bean sprout.
it was super hilarious,
story was not bad. great play!
-chilling at the esplanade with joy, bay and jonah.
(celebrated his birthday too)
mom was away this week,
so mom didnt call,
but all my aunties called! lol.

@ 2:04 AM

Saturday, December 09, 2006

and the earings i bought!! ahhh..

@ 9:32 AM

bought this at flee market today!! i love it so much! i choose the stuff myself and the people made it for me! nice right?! only $20!!

@ 9:29 AM

-best friends! <3s

@ 9:16 AM

while waiting for joy yesterday to have her break i was watching the show. its super lame and gay. there was nothing there for me to do so just watch debbie and mikey? i think.

@ 9:14 AM

back home again from aunt's place..

i went out with joey!!!
you know even before i met you,
i kinda had that feeling,
similiar to what you told me.
i was feeling so afraid,
but i told myself to be strong.
it really did happen,
when i met you.
my heart shattered into smitereens.
i almost cried then,
but i wasnt the type of girl that would cry in front of someone.
i held my tears back.
i was so quiet and didnt say a thing,
cause that was just me.
a part of me that i become when im lost.
when i try to smile then,
im just forcing myself not to cry.
went to watch just friends.
then he sent be back to bishan,
aunt wasnt back then,
so he waited with me.
spoke about it,
and i felt fine after that.
[i never doubt what you said to me,
so please dont make me doubt you.
i really love you,
thats why im giving you complete trust.]

when it came to night,
it was packing time!! X(
helped my aunt pack and tiday her kitchen till like 3+!!
i was extremely tired then,
and when i went to bed,
aunt started talking.
so i end up lseeping only at 4+.
and woke up at 9am.
can you imagine how bad that was?!

-SPA!! (feels good!! lol)
-made specs.
its like so screwed la.
my right eye is short sighted;
my left eye is long sighted.
like WTH right?!
-came home. (pack some stuff)
-went to topshop.
-back to aunt's house.
more packing.. the 2nd night of packing!!
and still packing the kitchen!!
-packing aagin.
-met joy for dinner.
-aunt drove me home.

@ 12:48 AM

Friday, December 08, 2006

wooo.. its so cool right?! haha!! found this on youth empire. we were queueing up to go in, when we were bring interviewed. =)

@ 5:41 AM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

joey and i. <3s

@ 11:53 PM

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
back home again to the boring days.
-sandra's birthday party.
-stayed over at sand's chalet.
-watched "ghost game"
-played cards
-joy and i bbq for everyone.
-stroll along the beach
-slpet for 1 hour.
-head home!!
-home sweet home
-breakfast with family.
-pack vodka,monopoly,drinks
-back to sandra's chalet.
-bbq again(quite unsuccessful)
-watched tv.
-played mahjong.
-drank vodka.
-ate food sand's parents bought.

-sand's dad bought lunch for us.
-sand's dad drove us home.
-met mom at suntec.
-went to collect the car with mom.
-went to fetch aunt at bishan.
-dinner at cedele port.
-got my ipod fixed for free
-jalan jalan.
-sent aunt home.
-took away food for sis.

tuesday :
i pratically slept the whole entire day today.
was on the phone with rah till like 2+,
and was helping sis with her work.
felt tired so i went to bed.
slpet till 2.15 in the afternoon.
played sims 2,
ate instand pizza,
slept again at like 4 till 5.30.
watched tv/play sims.
dad came home and i had dinner with him.
and im gonna study tonight!!

i will not be able to blog for the next 2 days or so.
gonna stay over at aunt's place tmr nigt.
toddles peeps!!
love you peeps loads!!! =)

@ 7:59 PM

Monday, December 04, 2006
thanks for inviting me to your chalet,
i had great fun and company.
it was fun spending the night with you babes!
love you loads!! <3s

thanks for inviting me to your party,
sorry i wasnt able to make it.
take crae, love loads!!

@ 9:55 PM

chefs for the day after everyone else left. haha!!

@ 9:52 AM

alex!! and i. =) hearts.

@ 9:51 AM

joy mich and i. <3

@ 9:49 AM

at vivo city's toilet.

@ 9:48 AM

happy birthday!! lets all sing..

@ 9:47 AM

sandra's agar agar cake!! its not bad, tatse quite good. my first time eating agar cake. its anti-cream

@ 9:46 AM

haha! sneaky alex.

@ 9:44 AM


@ 9:44 AM

in the bus..

@ 9:43 AM

i love you both loads!!! <3<3<3

@ 9:41 AM

sandra, joy, sarah, me.

@ 9:39 AM


@ 9:39 AM

joy did that face on purpose.

@ 9:36 AM

mich and i. love loads! <3

@ 9:35 AM

this is benjamin franklin!!! he has a tail that looks like a ball.

@ 9:34 AM


@ 9:33 AM

2nd night, just the 3 of us left. before we went to bed.

@ 9:31 AM

Friday, December 01, 2006

rah, joy!!
you girls m.i.a today?!
im freaking irritated.
the renovation starts today!
uts gonna last for a month!!!
somebody please save me!!
can i stay over somewhere else?
oh sweet Lord..
get my ass out of this house!
i need some peace!!
they start work at 8.
its killing me!! how?!
daddy bay dada!!!
sing to me "my little pony!"

@ 2:59 PM


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