Thursday, March 29, 2007
no more short skrits.
i just lenghten my skirts.
so my uniforms ae rather long,
but i guess short in the teacher's eyes.
its already the max,
so i cant do anything about it.

i's quite impulsive today.
went shopping!
the last time i bought something from topshop was CNY.
like wth!
so i bought a shorts and a new bikini!
its been something i've been wanting to get.
so yeah, finally.

@ 9:07 AM

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
i've been sleeping on the sofa lately.
cause my maid took my wall fan in the room,
so i had none.
she didnt even allow me to open the window on my side,
so that she could open her's to the max.
i couldnt stand the heat,
so i slept in the living room.
i think its much cooler.
plus a leather sofa,
makes it more comfortable! :)
but i was afraid to sleep,
cause i guess i've watched too many horror movies. yeah.
dad has just been really weird lately.
he constantly yells at sis and i.
for sis,
because she comes home late.
as for me,
he thinks i dont appreciate what i already have,
and he gave me a lecture for wanting to get rid of my spoiled mini,
and upgrading it to a nano.
i didnt even demand for a 4GB one,
because he said its redundant,
so i asked if he wanted to pay half of the 2GB cost for me,
but i got scolded.
i was soo pissed,
i went into my room and started preparing for my amath test.
mom then offered to pay $100 for me.
i was like ok! =)
oh well..
amath test today was one of the toughest!
i literally cracked my brains man.
a question which is only 1 and a quarter line,
was a 6 marks question,
and only one value was given.
like WTH!
im kinda happy today,
cause my tuition teacher said that i've got potential in math! :D
so he taught me amath or any other subjects,
by making me understand,
so it makes learning more sensible,
therefore easier to study!
i <3>

@ 11:36 PM

Thursday, March 22, 2007
tuition is getting intresting.
haha! i got to know about really intresting facts.
its super intresting,
but scientists has yet to discover why this happen.
here it goes:
-when ants die, they will ALWAYS fall to their right.
-when you're in a forest,
everyanimal and humans that make noise,
will produce an echo,
except DUCKS,
they just go "quack"
cute right?! lol.

@ 11:05 PM

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
whats up with me man?!
darn it!!
i definitely not pms-ing.
but why am i in such a bad mood,
is it because im too stress about school work or what?
it cant be because i didnt get enough sleep,
cause i surely had enough,
sleeping so much more then usual.
i quarreled with my sis,
over the fan. wtf?!
cause she wanted to place it where i didnt want it to be.
and it has been like that the entire,
until she felt hot.
and we argued.
so i couldnt study,
and i went to have my shower.
then mom started nagging the moment i got out from the shower.
like wth right?!
started nagging about my chinese,
checking up on me whether i read 3 pages of this chinese book already or not.
its like she thinks i have no discipline or what?!shit!
i pissed..
even sis got irritated with mom,
cause mom kept nagging at her to finish her food and go shower.
hahaha.. it was funnny to see the way sis reacted.
she was trying so hard not to scream and yell at mom.

@ 11:21 PM

should i or should i not?!
you always come online at the wrong time,
and it sucks,
cause you make me feel lousy.
my mood will be down..
deeppp downn.. =(

@ 10:14 PM

Tuesday, March 13, 2007
swim.swim.swim!! :D
just came home,
went swimming.
feels good,
especially when i have something on my mind.
it'll just naturally allow me to feel so relaxed. lol.
oh.. well.
i've decided to study out today,
otherwise it'll be another unproductive day,
once i get hooked to the com.
so im gonna meet darl and joy to study.

@ 1:22 PM

Monday, March 12, 2007
i did what i wanted to do.
i've been wanting to exercise but i didnt have the time to.
so i went to cycle today.
thank God i didnt get lost.
i was cycling round the landed property estate,
and somehow landed up at east coast road.lol.
so i cycled along the main road,
in order to get home.
while cycling,
i saw so many adorable pets!!
it reminded me of my sims2 pets,
and that certainly tempted me to play,
so i did for AWHILE. :D
i hope i wouldnt feel lazy tmr,
then i'll go for a swim.
i need to go tanning,
to get rid of the "cooke" word on my arm,
and ugly tann marks on my back.

@ 11:59 PM

Saturday, March 10, 2007

@ 8:35 AM

Friday, March 09, 2007
i hate it when you appear to be so heck about things that i ask you.
when i need a comment about something,
you cant even be bothered,
all you say most of the time is,"up to you la"
and then you dont give a damn already.
might as well i ponder on my own.
i tried to make you realise it,
but you dont seem to get it.
but its alright,
maybe im just being sensitive,
and you are just not a S person.
just disappointed,
but i wouldnt blame ,
cause you've done no wrong,
you're just born with a personality like that.

@ 11:22 PM


@ 9:31 PM

Thursday, March 08, 2007
sports day today!!
its my 2nd time going for sports day.
i went for the first and the last.lol.
cooke house won overall champion!! :D
super happy man.
its been ages since cooke house clinch the overall champ.
and we won for the cheerleading item too!
i've got quite a bad sun burnt! =(
my arm spells "cooke!" lol.
at least we won,
so the 3 ulcers which i got during practice is still worth it.

@ 10:41 PM

Sunday, March 04, 2007
a mega boring day today!
im sick, so i stayed at home.
i went to visit the doc near my place today.
the queue was freaking long!
the queue number then was only 31 when my humnber was 51. LOL!
when it was about to be my turn,
this indian man came to sit beside me.
he was really black, and worst still wore a black shirt.
oh man!!
and he reallt stink you know.
worst still the place was air-conditioned.
you know it makes it all worst.
thank God it was just 2 more person and then mine.
and i spent my day slacking.
spent most of my time sleeping.
feels great though.
i havent had this much of beauty sleep in ages.

@ 9:40 PM


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